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You can advertise to sell your secondhand textbooks on this site.


Just fill in the form below and push the submit button and your details will be added to the database for the next 2 months. When the 2 months is up I will send you an e-mail (if you have e-mail) and, if you have not sold your books by then, you are welcome to post them on the site again.

If you are wanting to advertise more than one textbook then please submit each textbook's details one at a time.

The title of the textbook:

for example: Social problems and the quality of life

Author(s) name(s):
for example: D G Zill, M R Cullen
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for example: 3rd OR 4th
How much are you selling the book for?

for example: R120

What course is this textbook used in?
for example: Communication 3
NOT Communication III
OR Communication Three
The course code:
for example: CMN300-H
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Once you have filled in the details and you are sure they are correct, read the DISCLAIMER below and then click the submit button to add your advert to the database.

This site acts like a Classified section in a newspaper. The owner of this site can not be held responsible for the actions of any persons that may get your details from this site and then contact you, just like a newspaper cannot be held responsible for adverts placed in their Classifieds.

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