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client name White Cottage Ventures
synopsis The White Cottage website showcases the company's bath and beauty products and includes a secure online purchase system for authorized distributors.
technologies C#, ASP.Net, Microsoft Access, JavaScript, DHTML
client name JMS Meter Services (Pty) Ltd
URL Unavailable to general public. Password protected.
synopsis Full online reporting system available to authorized clients including online graphs and the ability to download reports in numerous formats.
technologies RedHat Linux, Apache, Perl, PostgreSQL



client name CDR Contracts
URL Intranet site
synopsis Intranet system for a recruitment company. Users can edit resums and search for candidates specifying up to 10 different search criteria.
technologies ASP.Net, C#, Microsoft Access
client name FutureNet (Pty) Ltd
synopsis A redesign of the ISP's existing web site. News headlines are updated dynamically via an XML feed. A full administration section of the site was developed and a banner ad engine.
technologies ASP, Visual Basic, SQL Server 7, XML



client name TSC Development Consultants / Intelligent Metering Solutions
synopsis Worked as part of the TSC team to develop an online electricity meter management system.
technologies JSP, Servlets, XSLT, DHTML
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